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All events are open to the public. If you require assistance with your booking, please email boxoffice@wells-cathedral-school.com or phone our office on 01749 834483.

For further booking information, a guide to the seating in Cedars Hall, and for full terms and conditions please click here.


“Musicians are not the easiest of subjects in the world, and it is our great good luck that Clive works with us.” - Vladimir Ashkenazy
We are privileged to be able to show this tribute to Clive Barda’s remarkable lifetime career photographing the performing arts. He will also be working with young musicians and photographers at the school throughout the autumn, passing on skills and inspiration.

Please note this exhibition is only open for public viewing an hour before each concert or event.
Please click on Book Now to see the times that the exhibition is open for viewing.

Date: 12 Oct 2017
Venue: Cedars Hall - The John Baxter Foyer
Prices: £0.00

A Life in Musical Theatre
The star of Keeping Up Appearances trained not only as an actress but also as a singer. Her many awards include a Tony for the Styne-Harburg musical Darling of the Day on Broadway and a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance as the Old Lady in Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. Sixty-five years of experience on stage and screen find her on sparkling form as she talks to Edward Seckerson about her long and fascinating career. Complete with musical illustrations, this is a show to go on your ‘bucket’ list!

Date: 5 Nov 2017 At: 3:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £12.00 to £20.00

An evening of passion, virtuosity and dance.
Carismático is a new ensemble created by virtuoso accordionist Karen Street featuring saxophonist Andy Tweed. They present brilliant, emotionally charged compositions by Saúl Cosentino and Astor Piazzolla adapted by Street alongside her her own creative and nuanced compositions for the group.
The evening will also feature the mesmerising voice of Argentina's finest tango vocalist Martin Alvarado and dancers Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy, finalists in the 2015 World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires and guest artists in milongas and festivals across the world.
There will be a free pre-concert talk at 6.00pm - Christopher Eldridge explores the history and politics, 35 years on, behind Britain’s last colonial war.

Date: 10 Nov 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £20.00

With Krysia Osostowicz (violin) and Daniel Tong (piano)
Krysia and Daniel continue their cycle of Beethoven violin sonatas, alongside specially commissioned short works inspired by them. Two sides of Beethoven are on show, both reflecting his struggle to come to terms with increasing deafness: the achingly lyrical A major and robustly energetic G major sonatas op.30 nos.1 and 3. The evening also features new music by Kurt Schwertsik and Jeremy Thurlow.

Date: 13 Nov 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £10.00

As well as giving this masterclass, Krysia Osostowicz joins Daniel Tong (piano) in concert on Monday 13th November at 7.00pm. For more details click here.

Date: 14 Nov 2017 At: 2:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00

Saxophonist Tommy Smith gives a jazz workshop before his performance with Brian Kellock in the evening.

Date: 17 Nov 2017 At: 2:00PM
Venue: Quilter Hall (Music School)
Prices: £0.00

A happy accident of tour scheduling enables two of Scotland's finest jazz maestros, saxophonist Tommy Smith and pianist Brian Kellock to collide in Wells and showcase their acclaimed reworkings of the great standards. If playfulness, emotional truth and a dash of humour are hallmarks of the very best artists, expect an evening of serious, life-affirming fun.

Date: 17 Nov 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £16.00

Swinging classics to light up an autumn night from Wells Cathedral School’s premier jazz ensemble. Directed by acclaimed saxophonist Andy Tweed, the band includes some of the finest young jazz players in the country, so expect superlative standards of musicianship and virtuosity.
Early booking is advised as this concert will sell out quickly.

Date: 18 Nov 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £17.00

South Korean-born pianist Young-Choon Park began to learn the piano at the age of four and gave her first full recital when she was seven. Two years later she was playing concertos with the Seoul Symphony Orchestra and at 12 was sent, on her own, to study at the Juilliard School in New York, staying with a Korean woman she had never met.

Date: 23 Nov 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £10.00

South Korean-born pianist Young-Choon Park is also giving a piano recital on Thursday 23rd November, for more details, please click here.

Date: 24 Nov 2017 At: 9:00AM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00

Wth the Alberni Quartet
Masterpieces by Mozart and Schubert are the works introduced and played by Cedars Hall’s resident ensemble tonight. Schubert’s final string quartet in G major is an epic confrontation between dark and light, minor and major, written over just 10 days of white-hot inspiration in 1826. By way of a substantial introduction, The Hunt quartet K.458 is Mozart’s flawlessly elegant 1784 tribute to Haydn.

Date: 26 Nov 2017 At: 8:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £10.00

Category: Film

“It will spit you out elated, exhausted and cheering for an encore.” - Empire
“Genius!” - The Daily Telegraph
A promising young drummer wins a place at a cut-throat New York conservatoire where his dreams of success come up against a teacher who will stop at literally nothing to realise his students’ potential. This is a must-see, provocative, lacerating drama - especially in the context of a specialist music school such as Wells Cathedral School - with a remarkable payoff.

Date: 1 Dec 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £8.00

New works written and performed by Wells Cathedral School’s talented (and hard-working) young composers under the guidance of Paul Whitmarsh, our acclaimed composer-in-residence. Featuring a variety of ensembles, soloists and musical styles, expect exuberance and the vivid imagination of youth.

Date: 2 Dec 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00

Based on the smash hit 1991 Disney movie and dating back to a late 18th-century classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who feels out of place in her provincial French village. When her father is imprisoned in a mysterious castle, Belle’s attempt to rescue him leads to her capture by the Beast, a grisly and fearsome monster, who was long ago trapped in his gruesome form by an enchantress. Can she save him from his fate before the last petal falls?

Date: 6 Dec - 9 Dec 2017
Venue: Strode Theatre
Prices: £10.00 to £22.00

The Snowman
Category: Film

Who can resist the heart-melting fantasy about a boy whose snowman magically comes to life at midnight on Christmas Eve? Now as familiar a part of Christmas for many of us as Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody and The Queen’s Speech, every year a whole new generation of children discover it for the first time. A Christmas family film screening of Raymond Brigg’s enchanting Oscar-nominated animated film with Howard Blake’s score played live by Wells Cathedral School’s star musicians. Walking in the Air will weave its magic all over again.

Date: 11 Dec - 12 Dec 2017
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £5.00 to £8.00

Wells Cathedral School specialist musicians present a set of jazz standards and originals followed by an open jam session. Speak to Ed Leaker, Head of Jazz, when you arrive if you wish to play.

Please note - the 16th October event is cancelled but Jazz in the Foyer will go ahead on Monday 11th December.

Date: 11 Dec 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - The John Baxter Foyer
Prices: £0.00

“Jing, jing-a-ling!” The much-loved local singer and broadcaster, Clare Teal, returns by popular acclaim with an evening of seasonal classics and more, backed by Cedars Hall’s resident big band the Swing Machine Jazz Orchestra.
If you couldn’t get a ticket for Clare’s last visit, now’s your chance. The party’s on!

Date: 16 Dec 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £17.00 to £28.00

With Krysia Osostowicz (violin) and Daniel Tong (piano)
This is the closing instalment in our cycle of Beethoven’s violin sonatas performed alongside contemporary works inspired by them. Krysia and Dan round off proceedings
with short pieces by Elspeth Brooke and David Matthews responding to the good-humoured E flat sonata, op.12 no.3 in E flat and Beethoven’s final work in the genre, op.96 in G major, a masterpiece of calm, ethereal beauty.

Date: 18 Dec 2017 At: 7:00PM
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £0.00 to £10.00

AI Conf.
Category: Conference

AIConf is a unique event, exploring the impact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have on education. Bringing together leaders in the fields of both education and technology, we will investigate what education will look like in the future, how schools can prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

For more information about the conference, please click here.

Date: 18 May 2018
Venue: Cedars Hall - Eavis Hall
Prices: £198.00