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Youth Circus | Padawans | Mon & Sat
Our Padawan group gives students the opportunity to focus on individual interests and aptitudes, promoting self-motivation and encouraging them to set their own goals to strive towards.

Skills covered: tumbling, hand stands, trampoline, trampette, pyramids, trapeze, hoop, corde lisse, silk, tight wire, unicycle, globe, rolla bolla, stilts, balls, hula hoop, diabolo, flower sticks, hats, staff.

Also available to our Padawans...
STARTING IN FEBRUARY: Balance and Manipulation | Fridays, 4.15pm-6pm
In this class students will get a chance to try variety of disciplines including balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, flower, sticks, spinning plates, hula hoop, hats, cigar boxes, unicycle, tight wire, rolla bolla, globe and stilts. We encourage students to include both manipulation and balance in their pursuits. Whilst we focus on individual needs, we also work towards shared goals. As a group we will learn partner ball juggling patterns, stealing and club passing!
date: 1 February, 2018 to 31 May, 2018

If you have any difficulties booking, contact reception on 02920 221 330.

date: 26 February, 2018 to 19 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 2 March, 2018 to 23 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Studio
date: 3 March, 2018 to 24 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 16 April, 2018 to 21 May, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 21 April, 2018 to 26 May, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space