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Youth Circus | Jedis | Weds, Fri & Sat
Our Jedi age group takes young people aged 11+ on the next step of their circus journey. If you're a total beginner, just continuing your weekly dose of circus fun or wanting to get serious about circus there's a place for you at NoFit State. Classes are split by skill, giving students the opportunity to specialise, or simply do more of what they enjoy.

Acrobatics | Wednesdays, 4.15pm-6pm
This class students focus on improving their trampoline skills and expanding their acrobalance repertoire whilst perfecting their tumbling and handstands.

Aerial | Fridays, 4.15pm-6pm
In this class, students focus on expanding their vocabulary on a trapeze, hoop, corde lisse, silks and occasionally flaying trapeze. Class includes conditioning specific to aerial disciplines as well as practice time to address individual needs.

STARTING IN FEBRUARY: Balance and Manipulation | Fridays, 4.15pm-6pm
In this class students will get a chance to try variety of disciplines including balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, flower, sticks, spinning plates, hula hoop, hats, cigar boxes, unicycle, tight wire, rolla bolla, globe and stilts. We encourage students to include both manipulation and balance in their pursuits. Whilst we focus on individual needs, we also work towards shared goals. As a group we will learn partner ball juggling patterns, stealing and club passing!

Performance | Saturdays, 2pm-4pm
Performance class is at the heart of Serious Circus Strand. These sessions focus on performance techniques and are split into several modules: dance, theatre improvisation, exploration (including voice work), clowning and devising techniques. The aim is develop potential audition pieces for circus schools as well as ensemble work to present in front of general public.

General | Saturdays, 4.15pm-6pm
This is a class for those who wish to continue working across disciplines. Each session students will focus on a different discipline, whether it is aerial, acro, manipulation or balance. Despite the variety of skills covered, we encourage clarity in the goal setting. Each class includes tumbling, handstands and conditioning as well as practice time to address individual needs.

Serious Jedis
This is a programme for those who are considering becoming professional performers. As part of the programme you’re invited to take three or more classes at the discounted rate (£5 instead of £7, must include performance). Over the last few years, we have been proud to see our Serious Circus students enrolling on to BTEC’s and Degree courses at Circomedia and National Centre for Circus Arts.
date: 30 January, 2018 to 31 March, 2018

If you have any difficulties booking, contact reception on 02920 221 330.

date: 7 February, 2018 to 28 February, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 2 March, 2018 to 30 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 2 March, 2018 to 23 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Studio
date: 3 March, 2018 to 24 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 3 March, 2018 to 24 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 7 March, 2018 to 28 March, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space