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Wonderful Wednesdays
Welcome to Wonderful Wednesdays! A series of new and exciting classes that are not in our regular programme so you can try something new, Wednesdays, 8pm - 10pm.

April - Splits and Flexibility with Kate & Eric
May - Physical Theatre and Clown with George

April | Splits and Flexibility
A class aimed at helping you reach your flexibility goals and learn the proper body alignment techniques to stretch without injury. Develop your splits from whatever stage you are currently at and learn new safe ways to achieve your splits. Push yourself to the max and learn how to progress into over-splits. Increase the flexibility and range of motion of your entire body.
Eric McGill: Before becoming a professional circus artist, Eric was a competitive athlete. Starting off in diving before moving to competitive trampoline. He competed numerous Canadian national championships and was one level below Olympic before dedicating himself full time to circus at the National Circus School in Montreal. Flexibility and a proper stretching routine have always been integral to his training and body development.
Kate Parry is our Community Programme Manager and a wizz on swinging trapeze. She's lived the circus life, touring extensively in Europe, and in Montreal working with Cirque du Soleil coach Victor Fomine. You can read more about her here .

May | Physical Theatre and Clown
Drawing on his 30 years' experience in performance, George will work on developing physical expression. We welcome new and experienced performers wishing to develop an act or an idea – George will help you flesh it out to captivate your audience. This course will help you be a better performer. Techniques used in class will include mime, complicity, clown and mimicry. You’ll have the chance to show everyone what you have been working on in our scratch night at the end of the course.
George Orange Fuller is a performer, writer, circus artists, teacher and street theatre maker. He has toured extensively in Europe, the Middle East and North and South America. George is Artistic Director of Mary Bijou Cabaret and Social Club and a trustee of NoFit State circus. George has taught at Roosevelt University, NoFit State, Hijinx Academy, and many more. He has received grants from Welsh Arts Council and Creu Cymru. George studied with Sigfrido Aguilar, Philippe Gaulier, De Castro, and Ctibor Turba.
date: 1 March, 2018 to 1 June, 2018

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date: 2 May, 2018 to 30 May, 2018 venue: Four Elms Main Space