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Hula Hoop | All levels | Tuesdays 6 - 7pm
Take your hooping up a gear with NoFit State's Hula Hoop Classes.

Learn three unique hoop styles from a variety of trainers, followed by an hour-long hoop jam for just £5. We'll have you hooping like a ninja in no time!

Esther Fuge - Jedi of hoop dance
Jen Farnell - The hula ninja, with 1000's of on and off body tricks up her sleeve
Elle Kate - Master of the big tricks
date: 1 March, 2017 to 31 May, 2017

Please make sure you have the right level of experience before booking this class. If you have any difficulties booking, contact reception on 02920 221 330.

date: 7 March, 2017 to 31 March, 2017 venue: Cardiff Circus Centre - Main Space
date: 4 April, 2017 to 25 April, 2017 venue: Four Elms Main Space
date: 2 May, 2017 to 30 May, 2017 venue: Four Elms Main Space