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April 2018

Indepen-dance presents

Four Go Wild In Wellies

A brand new show for audiences aged 3-5 years from Indepen-dance 4, Scotland’s inclusive pro-fessional dance company. Four Go Wild In Wellies is a whimsical adventure featuring bobble hats, scarves, tents that have a life of their own and, of course, lots of fun in wellies!

Date: 20 Apr 2018
Prices: £5.00

June 2018

Category: Dance
Date: 12 Jun 2018
Prices: £14.00

Category: Dance

Company of Wolves presents


An intimate portrait of a woman fragmented. Distorted by expectation, by obligation, by desire. A hall of mirrors. Under it all, who is she? Unbecoming is an invitation to a private world, a unique and delicate space where pretence slips away.
A solo performance through song, movement and text, this is part theatre and part music gig.

Date: 20 Jun 2018
Prices: £5.00 to £7.50

August 2018

Audienceware presents

Rhythm of the Dance

This stunning Irish spectacular that is Rhythm of the Dance, a fully live show that celebrates Irish culture through music and dance, featuring world champion dancers, a traditional Irish band, singers, a most gifted cast who have been wowing audiences all over the world since 1999.

Internationally rated as one of the most popular and successful Irish Step Dance shows on tour, by critics, audiences, and millions of fans around the world. Be sure to share the experience this when it comes to a venue near you.

For more information go to : www.rhythmofthedance.com

Date: 3 Aug 2018
Prices: £23.00 to £24.50