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Pip Utton - Playing Maggie
Not merely a reflection on how to portray this lady but a live audience with Margaret Thatcher. Pip Utton IS The ‘Iron Lady’!

Saviour or witch? Love her or hate her? Not for Pip to decide, only to portray. She divided the nation like no other politician, she changed the face of British, perhaps world politics forever and the effects of her influence and policies are still felt today. Listen to her philosophies, her inspiration and her logic, and then take the chance to question her.

Pip Utton is a Fringe legend and is known throughout the world for his spellbinding portrayals of Adolf, Churchill, Dickens, Casanova, Chaplin, Hancock and many others. 'Maggie' is probably Pip's greatest challenge yet. Pip not only becomes Margaret Thatcher but risks taking audience questions, and answering them as Maggie!

WINNER The Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2015

WINNER Award for Outstanding Theatre 2015

WINNER 'Valery Kashanov Award' Fujairah UAE awarded by the International Theatre Insttitue (ITI)

"Landslide satisfaction" - The Daily Telegraph

"Remarkable and original" - The Guardian

"I was left speechless, breath-taking. Bravo" -

"Takes the genre onto a new plane" - The Stage

"Wow" TV Bomb

"The ghost of Mrs Thatcher is with us" Broadway Baby

Doors Open: 5:30PM
venue: Widcombe Social Club

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