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DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior
This is a show about being a Dad, and not giving Mum a day off! DadMan stands strong at the gates of an ideal birth-plan, and bravely rises against being the Babysitter To His Own Kids. He sings the blues about Being The Only Man At A Parent And Baby Group, and courageously navigates the precipices of School Runs. This show is partly quiz, partly story with live music, partly fantasy where DadMan dives in and out of the bathtub, running into Trust, Breasts, Flexi –Hours, Soft Play Areas and Sex (not necessarily in that order, or at the same time!!). Finally, DadMan realises there is actually another, much bigger mountain to climb.
Notnow Collective specialise in the baby-friendly, baby-welcoming and baby-proof matinees for adults, without needing to spend on a baby-sitter! If, on the other hand, you crave a baby-free experience, join us for the evening show!
venue: Main hall

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2:00 pm
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